10/2014 – 10/2018 PhD program Evolutionary biology, Developmental biology, Genetics and Ecology (EDGE).
Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology
Tübingen (Germany)

9/2013 – 9/2014 MSc in Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis – specialization Evolutionary Genetics
University of Edinburgh (UK)

9/2008 – 7/2013 BSc in Biology
University of Alicante and University of Seville (Spain)

Talks & Conferences

7/2019 Joint Congress SSE & ASN. (invited symposium talk)
Providence, RI (USA)

5/2018 EvE seminars. (invited talk)
Tübingen (Germany)

3/2018 DIKO seminars. (invited talk)
Tübingen (Germany)

8/2018 II Joint Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, the American Society of Naturalists, the Society for the Study of Evolution and the Society of Systematic Biologists.  ESEB & SSE & ASN & SSB 2018. (symposium #64 organizer)
Montpellier (France)

01/2018 1st Genomic Basis of Climate Adaptation Symposium. (talk)
Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre.

Frankfurt (Germany)

11/2017 University of California Davis – Center for Population Biology (CPB). (invited talk)
University of California Davis (US)

11/2017 XV Bay Area Population Genomics Meeting  BAPG.
Stanford (US)

10/2017 Center for Theoretical Evolutionary Genomics CTEG. 
University of California Berkeley (US)

8/2017 XVIst congress of the European Society of Evolutionary Biology. ESEB 2017. (poster, see it here!)
Groningen (Netherlands)

9/2016 46th Annual meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Gfö 2016. (invited talk)
Marburg (Germany)

6-7/2016 “California talk tour”. Hosting labs:
Graham Coop, Annie Schmitt, Jeff Ross-Ibarra. UC Davis, California (US)
Dmitry Petrov, Stanford, Palo Alto, California (US)
Daniel Koenig, UC Riverside, Riverside, California (US)

6/2016 Congress of the Society for the Study of Evolution SSE2015. (talk)
Austin, Texas (US)

8/2015 XVth Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology ESEB2015(talk)
Lausanne (Switzerland)

6/2015 Congress of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution SMBE 2015. (talk)
Vienna (Austria)

7/2015 International Conference on Arabidopsis Research ICAR 2015. (poster co-author)
Paris (France)

5/2015 Quantitative Genomics 2015. QG2015 (organizer)
London (UK)

5/2014 Quantitative Genomics 2014 QG2014. “Arabidopsis thaliana in North America: a natural mutation accumulation line since the 19th century colonization”. (talk)
London (UK)


2017 EMBO ST fellowship
European Molecular Biology Organization

2015 Best Academic record of the Faculty of Biology at University of Sevilla
Its Excellency City Council of Sevilla (Spain)

2014 Royal Cavalry of Sevilla award for the best academic rank of the Natural Sciences Faculty at University of Sevilla
Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla (Spain)

2013 Best Academic Rank award.
University of Sevilla (Spain)

2013 “la Caixa” Postgraduate International Grant .
“la Caixa” Foundation

2013 Scholarship for Erasmus Mundus Masters Programme in Evolutionary Biology (MEME) (declined).
European Commission (EACEA)

2012 Collaboration Research Scholarship .
Ministry of Education – Spanish Government

2011 Research Scholarship (JAE Intro) .
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

2008-2013 Annual Tuition Fee Scholarship for Honour Marks in the Bachelor’s degree (5 consecutive years).
University of Alicante and University of Sevilla (Spain)

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